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Why You Should Diversify Your Real Estate Paid Advertising Portfolio

Real estate advertising is all about your audience and their decision-making data. Now who holds this data also holds the most power when it comes to predictive and successful advertisements.

We can all agree Google Adwords is a top notch option in the world of real estate advertising. But just as location, location, location reigns supreme in the world of real estate, diversification, diversification, diversification reigns supreme in the world of real estate advertising.

So, if diversifying your paid advertising portfolio takes priority. What advertising channel comes next?

PPC Isn’t the Only Player in the Game

Real estate PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is the first natural step in online paid advertising. The audience is large, the ads specific, and if done correctly, the lead quality is good.

PPC ads live on the search pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And according to the Comscore Report, Google has the biggest piece of the paid search pie. 

Real Estate Paid Search market Shares

As a result of the ever changing nature of PPC, there is also a seasonality to understand with this type of advertising. And if you are someone who craves at least an ounce of consistency when it comes to online advertising, it may help to incorporate other options into your advertising portfolio.

Before you start your paid advertising engines.

First read our post about the Seasonality of Lead Generation.

Real Estate Remarketing

Remarketing is the real estate paid advertising version of having your cake and eating it too. Once users have seen your ads, visited your website or interacted in some way with your content online, remarketing will target those users again with ads. For example, if you are knocking it out of the park and converting at a 10 percent rate, there are still 90 percent of your leads waiting in the wing.

Remarketing is the subtle way to cultivate the other 90 percent.

Not to mention remarketing is a fraction of the cost of PPC. BoomTown clients who use our remarketing services, pay on average 0.12 of 1 cent for every impression.

Need an expert? Learn more about our lead generation options

An easy comparison of remarketing is the common roadside billboard. Compare 12/100ths of a penny to the cost of renting billboard space. The audience specificity alone wins out every time with remarketing.

Real Estate Advertising with Instagram and Twitter

People are most willing to interact with Facebook so we suggest sticking with Facebook advertising. But this isn’t to say there aren’t real estate businesses succeeding with Twitter and Instagram ads.

First take a long look at the rate your ads will receive impressions on these channels. Both Twitter and Instagram present mixed success compared to the frequency, relevance, and cost of Facebook ads, PPC, and remarketing advertising.  

Portal Advertising With The Big Three

Zillow, Trulia, and produce different types of leads than paid advertising which is important to understand. The leads you pay for and receive under the ZTR trilogy are shared among a group.

Their leads are a matter of speed to lead.

PPC, Facebook, and remarketing leads are the opposite. They are your leads, specific to your advertisements. These leads are also cheaper. But the Catch-22 is that they take longer to convert.

Even though your leads produced through ZTR and other real estate portals are not specific to your ads, it is oftentimes a matter of who gets the call first.

 Paid Advertising Prescription

Jump back to the two largest factors in online paid advertising: audience and data. Do not use a channel of online advertising that doesn’t pertain to your audience. It isn’t worth your time or money.

Focus on diversifying your portfolio with channels such as Facebook and remarketing in addition to your PPC efforts. These options cast a wide, but specific net for a fraction of the cost you would spend on other channels with less market share.

As for the data, align yourself with professionals who have data to back up their advertising algorithms. Learn more about what BoomTown does for our paid advertising clients.

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