The Secret Weapon for Real Estate Team Technology Training
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The Secret Weapon for Real Estate Team Technology Training

The real estate industry spends immense amounts of money on technology products every year. We live in a sea of product possibility.

But what the real estate industry does not spend a lot of money on consistently is training for those same products.

The secret weapon for real estate team technology training lies within this disparity.

But first, let’s break this down with an example.

Every year around January 1st our friends, family and co-workers lead into the New Year with a barrage of resolutions: “Lose Weight,” “Start Eating Healthy,” “Stop Procrastinating,” “Start Living,” etc.

How many people do you know who actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution? And how did they do it?

I would venture to say through support, good planning, and most importantly, dedication to the process.

And there it is. The secret weapon to real estate team technology training really is this simple. Dedicate yourself and your team to the process.

But this secret weapon goes a step further. It is not the process itself, but the person or people who make it happen on a daily basis.

And drum roll please … the secret weapon to real estate team tech training is a technology advocate.

Real Estate Technology Advocates

These people are your trainers, your cheerleaders, your teachers, and your in-house experts. There are almost as many ways to advocate for technology in your company as there are to define a team. Which, sufficed to say, is a lot.

But the proven formula we have born witness to for technology training in real estate offices usually goes something like this:

Out of House Training + In-House Expert + Proven Process + Accountability

= Adoption

Without any of these components the formula falls apart.

This formula also stresses the importance of aligning yourself with a technology company who offers tailored training plans for what you need at any give point, not only at the beginning of your journey.

Step One: Align Yourself with a Technology Team

In a sea of real estate technology solutions, it’s sometimes hard to imagine being an expert in everything you use for your business nowadays. But those brokerages and teams who take the time to master their systems, tend to excel with success.

Aligning yourself with a technology company who provides a product and the team to train you and your company is essential.

These teams extend well beyond initial adaptation and good teams will continue to help strategize through all the ups and downs your business may experience.

Step Two: Implement In-House Real Estate Technology Experts

Now this is the step that true technology advocacy comes into play. Long gone are the days that we can wish upon others the task of understanding the systems that fuel our days, and our success.

To achieve and understand success aided by technology, you also need to understand the technology.

And this is not difficult if you first train with the tech company in question. Good training programs won’t make this seem like work at all, but rather a transition from one way of doing things to another much easier route.

When the first step is underway, it is then time to find the technology advocates in your own office. Who are the people who speak up when someone needs clarification or help working through a process?

According to Alyssa Hellman, Director of the Go School of Real Estate at Go Realty in North Carolina, these technology advocates are the people who keep things moving.

Step Three: Experiment and Adopt a Proven Process

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new processes when it comes to implementing technologies.

With BoomTown Clients for example, the entire process for adoption is centered around a personal approach. There is constant community support and communication to encourage finding the right process to fit every business.

After all, this is the only way to figure out how exactly to tailor your technology to your business. 

For more tips on real estate training and strategy, head on over to the BoomTown Library! 

Kevin Smits of Century 21 Gold in Colorado has dedicated his entire team structure to facilitating training in both technology and the best practices in real estate.

He finds his technology advocacy largely in BoomTown Training. But through his onboarding process, advocates grow and develop in every role creating a constant stream of in-house experts as well.

His new team members always navigate through the same levels of training and skill sets. These levels contribute to a holistic knowledge of how Century 21 Gold runs their business and treats technology.

Training is built into his process and the process is built into his training in order for both to be mastered at the same time. And to progress, both technology and process must be put into successful practice.

Step Four: Active Accountability

Accountability is vital for success. And accountability comes into play every step of the way when it comes to real estate technology training. Since technology is always changing, staying accountable to your process will help to account for those changes.

Kevin Smits does this by sending out a check-in email every day to maintain consistent accountability among all team members. These check-ins involve progress and how it is noted within their system.

Video: Maximizing Your Accountability Tools


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