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8 Must-Have Tools for Real Estate Teams

Five minutes doesn’t go by before another real estate tool lands in the hands of an agent. But the next best thing isn’t always the next best thing for your team. Instead of becoming distracted by each and every shiny new object, consider what tools will simplify your life and maximize your business.

Because after all, what is the point of technology if it doesn’t help you to work smarter, not harder.


 1. Google

No matter what you are doing in business, Google has an app for that. The key to using Google for business is first realizing how simple it makes everything. And we mean EVERYTHING.

Lane Hornung, CEO of 8z Realty, relies on Google’s ability to organize his team’s personal and over arching business plans.

[ Good Read: Why Technology Matters in Real Estate with Lane Hornung of 8z Realty ]

This is one example in a lifetime of excellent opportunities, but the point is, Google has the capacity to house the communication and organization for your growing team.

The accessibility and accountability of Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendars, Analytics, etc. is the cornerstone to which your business can be built. And, it’s free.

2. CRM

A CRM is vital to team growth. There comes a time when a spreadsheet doesn’t cut it and you need to manage more leads in the same amount of time.

Learn More About What a CRM Does for Your Business ]

These systems or CRMs, facilitate your business and your team members. A CRM will quantify and qualify your business while you do what you do best in the field and/or managing your team.

Save Time

 3. Digital Signature Software

Whatever program you choose, the simplicity and efficiency of online signage software is priceless.

Go the next step and confirm your vendors and preferred lenders are using similar software. Your clients will appreciate it tremendously if all steps of their purchase or sale is facilitated through similar technology.

4. Slack: Communication for All 

When it comes to coordinating multiple leads and transactions with your fellow team members, an easy place to chat, share information and share documents is extremely convenient.

Slack is a favorite of our teams at BoomTown for many reasons. We love how easy it makes it to start group chats, share documents to members of the team and create open lines of communication. And for teams of any size, it starts out free

5. Real Estate Phone Dialers

The first challenge is keeping up with all of your leads. The second challenge is realizing the majority of leads out there are probably registered on another side. And the third challenge is being the first one to reach out before the competition.

[ Learn More about Specific Real Estate Phone Dialers ]

You need to be the first person to reach out with a value proposition, otherwise your leads will go on to the next business. Real estate phone dialers can not only increase prospecting by 183%, but allow you to save an unbelievable amount of time.


6. Video Marketing

Video breaches the gap between face-to-face and online communication. Sending an email introducing yourself to online leads personalizing your whole approach to potential leads.

Companies such as Wistia and BombBomb make it easy to implement video into your existing marketing plans.

Nervous to jump into the video pool? We were too. Now look what we’ve created!

Check out the BoomTown Video Library! ]

7. Social Media Management

Much like your CRM manages daily business activity, social media softwares such as Buffer or Hootsuite organize your social media much like a CRM manages daily business activity.

Whether you have a social media manager or not, these systems help you create social media strategies well worth the investment.

8. Make the Customer Service Connection

I think we would all agree it is oftentimes easier to close a referral than an online lead. One way to increase your referrals, testimonials and online reviews is to constantly evaluate your value delivery.

People do not buy a product for it’s customer service, but they will refer a friend because of an exceptional experience.

Companies such as RealSatisfied enable your team to monitor their transactions and constantly improve performance.

Do you use a must-have team tool we didn’t mention in the list? Tweet us @boomtownroi and let us know how you put it to the test!

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