Turning Technology into a Mindset for Marketing: Closers Podcast with Brad Nix
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Turning Technology into a Mindset for Marketing: Closers Podcast with Brad Nix

It’s no secret that working as a real estate agent requires well beyond what it used to, let alone running a brokerage. Technology has changed the game and in order to keep the well oiled machine of your real estate team running, leadership in all things tech and marketing is vital to those who wish to succeed. Enter Brad Nix, the Marketing Director of Path & Post, a real estate brokerage focused in and around North Metro Atlanta.

His leadership, ability to see the bigger picture and innovative marketing has helped CEO and broker, Becky Babcock take her business and her personal goals to the next level. Follow along in this month’s installment of the BoomTown Closer’s Podcast to learn more about Brad and how he has geared the Path & Post team to look to technology as a mindset in their business.

This installment is the second in a series of three podcasts on Path & Post. For the previous Closer’s Podcasts, click here.

“So many people say you’ve got to fake it till you make it, and we try to do the opposite. No fake about it. Be as real and authentic as possible, and then personify that and learn how to leverage and market that to grow your business.”  —Brad Nix, Canton, GA

Incorporating Technology Into Your Real Estate Brand

“It’s just part of who we are at this point. I think almost every level, every aspect, every system, every process, technology empowers or enables us to do better than we would have without the technology … (5:25)

We found that it’s not necessarily even age-related. We’ve got people on our team from 25 to 80 years old and their ‘tech savvy-ness,’ so to speak, is not by age or demographic. It’s my mindset. Our oldest team members are actually some of our most tech savvy. It’s definitely a mindset that we’re going to use technology to enable and empower us. It’s not something that’s forced. It’s just who we are…” (6:30)

How to Effectively Train Your Team Members

“It starts with establishing a foundation of tech setup, so to speak. Make sure all devices are synced across all of our cloud systems and installed properly from making sure the apps on the iPhone to the iPad to the laptop to the desktop, all the way to e-mail signatures working.

But once we get that foundational setup done, which is almost like a workshop setting, after that it’s just mentoring, coaching, evolving as problems and situations arise. We don’t necessarily host webinars or schedule training outside of our monthly team gathering…” (7:40)

“We’re always growing. We’re growing as individuals. We’re growing as a team. We’re growing our market share, our presence. That’s the same with technology. We’re always growing with tech, and definitely mindset driven.”

Bird’s Eye View Marketing Efforts

“From a complete dollar spend, it’s probably close to 50-50, online-offline. Most of our offline, we’re doing really niche hyper-local, geographic farming stuff. We go pretty heavy by community. We farm three specific neighborhoods, and that’s pretty heavily in the print area in each of those, versus online, it’s kind of a little bit of a wider approach when you’ve got the Zillow, Trulia, Realtor marketing channels. Then we spend a lot of time on our own, organic direct lead generation on a site, and then you’ve got the social component.

It’s a little more spread out online. Still focused more on personality mindset that we’re targeting as opposed to just hyper local, one neighborhood at a time in print…” (9:25)

Successfully Targeting Your Online Audience

“It’s really just more channels, but with any channel online, we do target specific personality types. Obviously the Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, those channels are pretty well-defined in how you market in those. It’s not much defines target marketing, so to speak, but we do make sure that we enhance our listing specifically to generate the initial lead inquiry back to us, as the experts on the property so that we know that we can service our seller client, and honestly that buyer lead, better than anyone else. We’re being more qualified to answering questions that come up initially.

Outside the ZTR beast, we definitely focus on our social campaigns, more on the type of content we create and publish to generate certain interests from specific mindsets that we’re after …” (11:00)

“I think it’s knowing who you are and who you’re trying to attract, and that starts with “why” for us. And I think that’s the right place to start in any conversation: why do you [as a company] exist? And because of that “why,” who does that make you in this world as a brand, and then what type of clients do you want to have attracted to that brand?”

Real Estate Strategy

How to Establish Yourself on Zillow

“Zillow is the number one consumer search site for real estate out there. I think you need to be there, first of all. But specifically, you need to claim your own listings in those channels and make sure that you get the exclusive ads that the [real estate agents] can buy on your own listing, so that you can . . . In some ways, I know a lot of people say you’re buying your own lead back and I understand that concept, but really what you’re doing is you’re making sure your seller is best represented in the number one search portal for real estate.

Also, you’re serving that buyer lead with the most current, accurate, fastest information versus another agent having to look it up when you already know about it …” (12:25)

Maximizing Vanity Domains and Tracking ROI

“We leverage the vanity URLs in each one of our calls-to-action. I’ll just give you a real-time example. Say we’re farming Bradshaw Farms, community in our area, we’ll have www.bradshawvalue.com as a vanity URL. Then we actually take the BoomTown seller-lead platform, which creates the third-party home valuation, and we’ll put it through the link shortener and tracking system in BoomTown, and then place our vanity URL over the top of that. With this, we know exactly when someone is using that call-to-action in a print piece to get an estimate of what their home is worth, and in essence becoming a seller lead…” (14:50)

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