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Stephen Cooley // The Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group

In just three years, Stephen Cooley doubled his business to reach $110 million in sales. Considering the average price point in Rock Hill, South Carolina sits around $150k, this was no small achievement for the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group.

This level of exponential growth doesn’t come easy. But with the right people on his team and technology partners by his side, Stephen was able to build a team that propels his success.

They are now ranked as the #1 Keller Williams team in the Carolinas and #1 in South Carolina by Real Trends.

There’s no I in Team. There’s also no I in Real Estate

Stephen Cooley knew there was a limit to what he could do as an individual agent. When he entered the real estate business nearly 30 years ago, he immediately saw a loss of valuable time and money handling minimum wage tasks rather than doing what he does best: selling homes and building up business.

To offset this roadblock, he immediately hired his first assistant less than a year into being an agent. One year later, he was the #1 agent in his local MLS.

“I knew by giving up some of the non-profitable tasks, it would allow me to put more focus on the more profitable tasks I excelled at. Time is money. In order to be successful, you’ve got to know where your strengths are and you’ve got to build a team to offset the smaller tasks and growing responsibilities.”

These tasks, while important to the overall transaction, are not as crucial to revenue-building. Your time and talents could be better spent elsewhere.

The Key to Building an All-Star Team

“It’s 50% good leadership, and 50% hiring the right people from the start. My top priority as a leader is to manage the team, keep agents motivated, keep systems running smoothly, and provide leads.”

The Stephen Cooley Group is a team of 27, composed of 14 agents and the rest support staff. He intends to grow to 50 people within a year. Stephen looks to hire people who understand that a team has to move as one unit in order to grow. He believes agents who are too individually minded are the reason for the 85% failure rate for newer agents.

A pro agent who can generate enough leads for themselves won’t feel the need to be on a team. Yet most agents don’t want to be spending all their time prospecting. With BoomTown providing leads, Stephen’s agents were able to focus on selling and building relationships rather than cold calling.

“If you’re not providing leads to your team, another team providing leads will take your agents.”


Because BoomTown provides leads and empowers agents with tools to effectively manage those leads, The Stephen Cooley Group was able to double their business within 3 years.

BoomTown Creates More Connections and Closings

“You’ve got keep up with how technology changes as the business evolves. You’ve got to be on the cutting-edge of technology, because that business I had 3 years ago is not the same business I have today.”

BoomTown changed the way Stephen’s team did business. Instead of asking clients to call, he directs everyone to his website that captures information.


He also notes the importance to grab leads while they are actively searching online. You could be walking your neighbor’s dog every time they go out of town, but you’ll lose them to another realtor if you’re not catching them as they’re looking at homes online.

Get Results With the Best Tools For Follow-Up

BoomTown allows Stephen and his team to manage all his leads from first click to final closing, all in one system. They can easily communicate with leads, place them on customized drip campaigns, monitor their activity and search history, and keep track of all conversations.


“BoomTown gave us a way to organize the chaos. As leads come in, we tag and segment them into different categories that allow us to manage them at different speeds.”

Before he had BoomTown, leads came from various sources and became scattered all over the place. There was no way to organize leads to account for their different search criteria, price points, timelines, neighborhoods, etc.

Without a system to track and manage long-term leads, they were losing leads that weren’t ready to buy right away. The ability to segment leads into lists and create Action Plans for automated follow-ups and to-do’s has been a gamechanger for these agents, many of whom have two or three thousand contacts in their database.

Now, whether leads are 3 months or a year out from buying, Stephen’s team has the tools they need to follow up, stay connected, and close more deals.

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