Structuring Success in Real Estate with Tim Heyl
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Success isn’t Sexy; Tim Heyl Explains

In this episode of Driven, we’re cruising around Austin, TX with Tim Heyl, as he discusses the “tried and true” model for success within the real estate industry.


Put pressure on the things that matter most, and when you nail those, your growth will just be organic. What’s funny is, at the start, my first few years in real estate, I did that just naturally. I hired out of need. Out of absolute necessity just to manage the chaos. Then I got to this point in my business where I started to get creative and I started to add positions I didn’t need. That’s trying to force growth for success. That doesn’t work. You’ve got to put pressure on things that matter the most and make that force you to grow.

Tim Heyl lays down some serious motivational talk, while somehow remaining entirely refreshing. This episode is stocked. Good old-fashioned encouragement coupled with current tactical strategies. The real estate world can feel chaotic, and often like one big rat race. But, according to Tim, nailing the “unsexy” day-to-day tasks that matter most is what will cause organic growth. You’ll hear the “do this, don’t do that” rundown, useful for newbies and veterans alike. Tim touches down on what differentiates a qualified lead, the impossibility of success in real estate without tech, and the role of integrations in the future of real estate software.

In this episode of Driven, skip to these memorable moments:

  • Five key criteria for deciding if a lead is qualified (3 min)
  • The compound effect and a nice little bamboo metaphor (5 min)
  • Tech is a tool for you to leverage, not a magic wand (14 min)
  • The tried and true model for growing from a new agent into a business owner (18 min)
  • Mindset is critical in this industry (22 min)
  • Integrations are the next must-have in tech (39 min)

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