The Bottom Line of Real Estate Paid Advertising [Podcast]
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The Bottom Line of Real Estate Paid Advertising [Podcast]

Real estate paid advertising wasn’t mastered in a day, but Chris Cousins, BoomTown’s Online Marketing Team Manager, has come pretty close. Through the years Cousins has ridden the wild rise of paid advertising, creating strategies fit for anyone in the real estate industry.

Follow along as we break down the basics of these campaigns in order for you to make the most of your money. For a few quick highlights of this episode, check out the list below:

  • What type of leads respond to these campaigns?
  • Why are there so many weekend registrations? [Tips on the Seasonality of Paid Ad Lead Generation]
  • What is the trick to handling chat widgets on your real estate website?
  • How should you conform campaigns to customers search schedules?
  • Set it and forget it? Finding the balance in monitoring your campaigns.
  • How many leads per agent should you assign? [Includes BoomTown’s Suggested Average Lead per Agent Ratio.]
  • When and where to scale your paid advertising to match team size.
  • When are you going to see ROI on your paid advertising investment?
  • How to target price points and maintain consistent lead volume.

If you are looking to expand your real estate paid advertising knowledge or share a few quick videos among your team members, the BoomTown Library is ready and waiting. For videos on why PPC campaigns take time to ramp up, why the cost changes, why you shouldn’t Google yourself, and more, head on over to the video library: here.

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