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“On average, an agent in our office typically does 33% of their annual business from a direct BoomTown lead consumer —
We’re now seeing people who originally came in the door eight years ago who are running through a 3rd or 4th home with us.”

In 2006, Robertson Allen and Jimmy Dye founded their independent real estate firm, The Cassina Group. As our longest standing client, they have traveled the course with BoomTown since the beginning.

Each step of the business from the first hello to the closing table handshake is made more efficient with BoomTown. This partnership has proven over the years to consistently provide opportunities and a system that cuts to the chase with each lead so no one’s time is wasted.

What did The Cassina Group do with BoomTown? Watch below:


You weather storms and sunny days of real estate the same way. By coupling professional agents with BoomTown. This product is a catalyst for every step of the real estate business.
Enter BoomTown Grow.

We are nothing without trust.

In any market, establishing trust is the only way to create lasting client relationships. The Cassina Group uses BoomTown to deliver exactly what visitors and clients need, precisely when they need it. And how do they do this? BoomTown’s consumer websites and predictive CRM.

“The amount of registrations we’ve seen throughout the years on our BoomTown platform is staggering. Every single day, my agents get the opportunity to reach out to those people who find our website, register with their correct information, and start a relationship with those individuals,” said Robertson Allen, Co-Founder of The Cassina Group.

Close the loop with agent accountability.

The BoomTown team works on your schedule. Not visa versa. The support staff is available to anyone on your team 7 days a week. And the opportunities for training and success management will go well beyond your expectations. That’s why we like to call ourselves a technology partner. Not a tech provider.

Tip from a The Cassina Group’s Leadership Team:

“BoomTown is a tool. You can’t give a person a hammer and say they’re a carpenter. It takes a professional real estate agent that’s willing to work and takes pride in the tool they have to use it. And if you do that, you will be successful.”

Discover hidden opportunities.

The Cassina Group is built upon a foundation of full-time real estate professionals. Each team member is well versed in technology and their BoomTown system is second nature. Not anyone will thrive in such a competitive market, but this group continues to excel in establishing a luxury approach with locals and newcomers alike.

“We have the ability with this technology to reach out and know if the buyer wants to talk to us. They’re actively looking that hour, that minute, that day. It creates a positive relationship.”

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