Lead Profile: The Most Important Part of Your CRM
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The Most Important Part of Your CRM


What did you have for breakfast 10 week ago?
What was in the news that day?
Who did you talk to and what did you talk about?


… Can’t remember? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s not easy remembering small details from days/weeks/months in the past. But if you want to be successful in real estate, remembering little details about your leads can make all the difference.


The average buyer cycle is about 10 weeks. Most online leads take even longer than that, so you’ve got months (possibly even years) of conversations that you need to remember in order to keep your leads coming back to you.


This is why your lead profile is the most important part of your CRM.

All in the Details

There’s a new listing on the market and you want to get in front of the right leads as soon as possible. What’s your next step? You could call of your hot leads one by one … sift through old emails and texts … rely on your memory of past conversations. Or, you could pull up your lead database on your CRM and filter through in seconds to find the best fit leads for this specific property.

Your lead profile is where you keep detailed notes about the lead and what they want. It’s also where you log your calls, emails, and texts. Leverage these details to save time and increase your chances of matching a lead with the perfect house.


BoomTown Lead Profile


Be the detail-oriented agent that your clients will trust.

After every conversation with a lead, you should be logging

  • What you talked about
  • Date/Time
  • What you need to talk about next
  • When is a good time to follow up?

Having this information at your fingertips while you’re “on-the-go” helps keep you up to speed for all of your appointments. If your CRM has a mobile app, be sure to utilize it immediately after you visit with or speak with a lead, so you don’t lose track of what action steps should come next. The BoomTown mobile app actually logs these calls automatically in your lead profile, so you have a complete “communication history” ready for when you need it.

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