The Power of Your Consumers
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The Power of Your Consumers

Anyone else an Amazon addict?  Personally, I’m surprised if a day goes by that I do not visit Amazon for one reason or another.  Price comparisons, saving time on shopping, or getting the skinny on product.  It’s one of the best places to go on the web to get product reviews from so many different “departments.” 

Anytime I plan to make a large purchase, or even small purchases that are new or not within my normal shopping routine, I scour the web for reviews to make sure I’m spending wisely and getting a good product or a good deal.  This typically applies to many other areas of my life as well, restaurants, new businesses, anywhere that I don’t frequent.  These reviews give credibility to the products your customers are planning to purchase as well as to your business.

Customer reviews can be one of the best ways to boost sales and create raving fans for your business or your product. 

Keep in mind the probability of negative comments, which if any are only a few, are generally an anomaly. Usually the few negative comments are largely off base or unreasonable and are not taken into consideration when the consumer uses customer reviews or testimonials to evaluate a business or product. Most consumers are going to write very few negative reviews, and those that do are typically the unsatisfied customer that can never be pleased about anything.

So, why do you need reviews? Reviews are candid and anonymous, and when taken to heart can be great for your business.  The customer is honestly expressing their opinion about your product or your business, and if done via a video testimonial, there is a real truth to the testimonial that cannot be relayed within a written testimonial.  Nothing fancy, just honest communication meant to help guide future customers in their decisions.

Make sure to post client or consumer reviews and testimonials on your websites, if you have a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, YouTube, or any Blogs you write.  Anywhere you advertise your business or products, any online presence you may have, testimonials or reviews will drive consumers to place higher trust in your business and thus, more likely to choose you the next time they need a service or product!

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