This Holiday Season, Think Outside The Gift Basket & Stay Top Of Mind With Your Clients
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This Holiday Season, Think Outside The Gift Basket & Stay Top Of Mind With Your Clients

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re a procrastinator like me, that means that your gift-buying time is running out.  You will probably either scramble to think of creative gifts for your clients, or just end up sending the same thing you sent them last year.

This year, be different!  Think outside the box–or gift basket, if you will.
Subscription gifts are becoming more and more popular across all industries as it has the added benefit of keeping you top of mind for several months (or a year, depending on the length of the subscription).  This is great for your brand because your clients will think of you every month when the gift is delivered, and will be more likely to send referrals to you several months down the line.

Another bonus is that these subscription gift ideas are good for everyone–family, friends, clients–even pets!  Whether you send a subscription gift as a holiday present or a closing gift, it is an easy yet thoughtful way to stay top of mind for months thereafter.

For savvy, stylish women

BirchBox – for women

BirchBox delivers a monthly box of high-end beauty and lifestyle samples right to their door.  These hand-picked samples are based on the beauty profile that the recipient fills outs.  The women’s box gift options range from a 3-month subscription for $30, to a 12-month subscription for $110. 


Don’t we all know at least one fashionista who loves to accessorize?  Jewelry can be a difficult gift unless you know that person’s style.  Jewelmint allows you to take a style profile, then shows you personal recommendations of high-quality jewelry pieces.  You then select and purchase your favorite piece from the month’s collection.  Gift options range from $29.99 for 1 credit (the usual price of one item) up to &179.94 for 6 credits.

Elizabeth & Clarke

For the stylish and practical (and busy) businesswoman, give her the gift of designer-quality blouses and basics at a fraction of the price.  Elizabeth & Clarke cuts out the middleman to provide affordable, high-quality fashion.  The Starter Subscriptions start at $30 a shirt for 1 shirt per season (a season is a 3-month period), a Signature Subscription at $25 a shirt for 2 shirts a season, or a Premium Subscription at $20 a shirt for 3 shirts per season.  Gift options range from $30, $60, $120, or $240 depending on which subscription the recipient chooses.  Also, they have teamed up with Paperless Post so you can either send an electronic card or a paper card via snail mail.


For Manly Men

Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club first hit our radars with their cheeky yet hilarious video ads.  Yet their service is actually very practical.  It’s recommended that you change the blades on your razor every 3 months or so, but let’s be real here, most people use the same blades for months, if not years.  And then if you DO go out to purchase replacement blades, the prices are astronomical!  Are you buying replacement blades or a black market kidney here??  The Dollar Shave Club makes it not only affordable, but also convenient.  The most basic package starts at $1 a month (plus s&h comes out to $3 total), and includes 5 two-blade cartridges a month.  The highest package is $9/month and includes 4 6-blade cartridges a month.  Gift cards start at $25 and go up to $300.

Bespoke Post

This is a cool collection of “theme-driven” boxes filled with “time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear” curated by experts of that given theme.  For example, the December 2013 boxes offer a choice of a whiskey barrel aging kit, cigar set & kit, poker set, etc.  Recipients can select which box they want that month, or skip that month if none of the current choices meet their fancy.  You can choose to send either a digital or physical gift card, or even choose their first box but include a gift card for however many additional months thereafter.  If you purchase a gift of a single, standalone box, the cost is $55, but if you purchase a two or more months, the cost is $45/box.  They also can work with you for bulk orders of 5 or more.

BirchBox – for men

The men’s box operates similarly to the women’s box, but includes high-end grooming products and lifestyle accessories that range from “hip socks to tech accessories.”  The men’s box starts at $20/month, and gift options range from a 3 month subscription at $60 to a 12 month subscription at $195.

For the Family With Children

Kiwi Crate

This monthly craft kit gives parents a creative way to keep their kids entertained while also spurring their imagination.  Each specially designed and kid-tested project allows the child to discover a world of art, science, games and more.  Does the family have more than one child?  Not a problem!  They have a “sibling add-on” for additional materials for a “no fight” experience.  A single month/box starts at $19.95, 3 months for $60, 6 months for $110 and so forth.  Or simply send a gift card with a set value and let your clients select their own subscriptions and number of sibling add-ons they need.

Citrus Lane

If the family has younger children or a newborn (or if the wife is expecting), Citrus Lane may be a better option than Kiwi Crate.  This service sends the “best of” products of monthly essentials depending on the age of your baby.  This could include bath time soaps, lotions, teething toys, books, clothes, or baby food.  This allows new moms to discover and try new products that they might not have known about otherwise.

For “My Dog is My Baby”


While your clients may not have actual children, I'll bet some think of their dogs as their babies.  There's a subscription for them too!  Your clients can receive a monthly box filled with dog goodies, like toys and treats, based on the dog's size.  This service starts at $29 for 1 month, $72 for 3 months, $114 for 6 months, or $199 for a year.

For The Healthy or Eco-Friendly


Blissmo allows you to choose between 2 types of boxes– Blissmo Bites, which is jam-packed with healthy, nutritious snacks, or the Blissmo Beauty, which is full of natural, eco-friendly personal care items.  You can select one-time gift boxes of either, with the mini box at $13.95 or the standard gift box at $24.95.  Or send a 3-month gift membership for $69.95

Conscious Box

Conscious Box is similar to Blissmo, but their boxes include a mix of natural products, from organic food and snacks to vegan beauty products.  You can order one month for $19.95, 3 months for $56.85, 6 months for $107.70, or 12 months for $203.40.

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