TL;DR July 2020
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TL;DR July 2020

In this TL;DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) series, we’ll be talking ‘all things BoomTown!’ There’s a little something for everyone, from new features and upcoming releases to success stories, industry news, and of course live Q&A. Consider this your go-to spot for staying in-the-loop with BoomTown.

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Topics We’ll Cover This Month:

Expert Webinars

How-To Series: Hear from experts like Tom Ferry & Rivers Pearce, and make sure you’re registered for what’s next.
Spotlight Series: Learn more about BoomTown’s integration partners and how you can make the most out of your tech stack in this upcoming series.
Peer Coaching: Get the inside scoop from BoomTown Peer Coaches, Natalie Pigeon and Zach Sikes.
New Features & Product Updates Curious what’s coming down the pipeline? Get some updates about Category Mapping, the HomeSearchNow App, and (Sneak Peek!) the Traffic Dashboard.

Industry News

Live Q&A! Your chance to ask Allison and Dillon anything!

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