Why Veronica Figueroa Calls BoomTown Home
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Veronica Figueroa // The Figueroa Team

Veronica Figueroa knows what she wants.

She’s driven, fearless, and when she sets her sights on something – she’ll get it. It’s why the Figueroa Team has been wildly successful, becoming one of the top real estate teams in Orlando, Florida. It’s why she partnered with BoomTown back in 2012 to help grow her real estate business.

It’s also why in 2017 she decided to play the field and explore other options. Like any good business leader, Veronica wanted to make sure she was using the absolute best technology on the market to empower her agents and to impact her clients’ lives.


Shiny Objects

There’s a delicate balance you have to achieve in today’s real estate market. You have to make sure you’re using the best technology without getting distracted by “shiny objects” and empty promises. The newest trick or feature might lure you in – but at the end of the day, what really matters? Real ROI and real results.

Veronica left BoomTown in 2017, after five years on the system, to test out a few other platforms. Ultimately, the disruption it caused her business gave her the answer that she was looking for.

“We should have sold 600 homes last year. We’ve been at a plateau of about 300, 350. But looking back, it wasn’t the market. It wasn’t the agents. It was the changes that we self-inflicted by leaving BoomTown.”

Demanding Excellence

This isn’t a story about a perfect system, because the truth is, the perfect system doesn’t exist! This is a story about trust, experience, and finding a technology partner who listens. Veronica was seeing new features and advancements pop up in other places – features that BoomTown would build (and build properly) in due time.

“At the time, text features were really important and all these features that we’re seeing evolve between CRMs across the industry. So if one didn’t have something, it was like, ‘Well, we don’t have that here.

But I didn’t dive deep enough to say, ‘When is it coming? How do we make this still a part of our future even though we don’t have it now?’ I was impatient. I fell victim to just chasing that shiny object.”

Since Veronica’s brief departure in 2017, BoomTown has rolled out countless updates, such as bulk texting, advanced accountability dashboards/leaderboards, intuitive qualification questions, new integration partners, etc.

Additionally, in 2019 BoomTown released a new package called Success Assurance, which delivers transaction-ready leads right to you. Handling the lead generation and qualification, and allowing you to get back to closing deals.

Explore the Power of BoomTown’s CRM

Finding a True Technology Partner

Even through the disruption and transaction plateau, Veronica still managed to build a strong foundation for the years to come. She switched to eXp Realty and took a 10,000-ft view of her business. During that time she knew she needed to switch back to BoomTown because BoomTown isn’t just a platform, it’s a success partner.

BoomTown is known for legendary support services, success management, coaching, and 1-on-1 hand-holding. It’s the security you just can’t find with another system.

“That’s why we chose to go back to BoomTown. We knew we needed a system we trusted. We needed to feel protected and safe in that area of our business with our team, making sure that business was just flowing naturally, organically with the new changes that we were going to make.

We know that there’s going to be a little disruption in our world, but the one thing we wanted was a really strong database.”

So what matters in a technology partner in 2019? Robust, cutting-edge technology. Unparalleled support from real humans (who really care).


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