Six Lessons Real Estate Agents Could Learn From Each Other
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What Younger Real Estate Agents Can Learn from their Older Peers (And Visa Versa)

The Harvard Business Review collected over 10,000 responses in a diagnostic about work and life. And what did they find? No matter our age, we have a lot more in common than we think.

After a decade of working with well over 20,000 real estate professionals, BoomTown experts knows good advice when we see someone take it!

Advice comes in 3 Approaches:

  1. The advice people like to give.
  2. The advice people like to take.
  3. And the advice that makes people truly successful.

We are in the business of focusing on Lesson #3. If you are young, old, or don’t prefer to think either, we can find common ground in the Six Areas of Real Estate Advice Expertise below: 

Experience Matters

Kevin Smits’ entire business is based upon employees knowing real estate processes backwards and forwards.

Built in line with traditional law firm structure, each incoming team member must learn each stage of the game and spends a certain amount of time mastering skills before proceeding to the next level.

Read Kevin Smits’ Full Article:

Who Will Win the Real Estate Compensation Battle: Salary, Commission, or Both?

This way Smits is able to guarantee consistency in service, but also, each member of the team becomes well versed in what it takes to get a lead from hello to handshake.

The advice? Don’t take experience for granted. It serves your fellow team members and yourself to know the value in each task it takes to complete one real estate transaction.

Training Takes Time

Both young and old BoomTown users take advantage of our wide range of training options. There is endless value in preparing yourself to actually use an investment.

But training in real estate is not exclusive to learning how to use your systems and services. This also includes coaching and mentorship.

Over the years we have witnessed great success when clients choose to invest in coaching. Sometimes accountability is all you need to make success happen.

The advice? Find yourself a mentor. No matter your age, or the age of your mentor, seek out someone you can go to and learn from. Whether this person is a peer or professional real estate coach, it counts to hold yourself accountable unto someone you look up to.

Technology Tricks

Technology is a lot easier to take in when you consider it encompasses whatever is new in your lifetime. Remember, once upon a time, the wheel blew someone’s mind.

And the locomotive? This was disruptive stuff!

If you allow it, the right technology may make life and business much easier, and successful.

There is a lot of talk around work-life balance (like the one in the next section), but what about the balance between old school and new school technology?

The bottom line is BoomTown sees most clients succeed when they diversify their business ventures between old and new tactics.

For example, Dylan Hale, an agent in the Raleigh-Durham area, can generate 5 leads from 1 hour of door knocking.

And when he combines the leads he reaches through knocking on doors with effortless online search options the competitors fall away.

Article to Read: Is Door Knocking Still Viable for Generating Seller Leads?

Work-Life Balance Is No Joke

Now here is something many people never would have heard several decades ago. This concept isn’t new to the modern day workforce, but it was once a novelty.

To many real estate professionals who are hustling on a daily basis to be more successful, build bigger business, and expand, expand, expand, it is important to stop and remind yourself of the goal here.

What is the purpose behind your hard work?

This answer could be any number of people or things. What may help you determine this though is to consider a commonality we find among several of our clients who have been in the business for awhile:

“A mentor of mine once told me, whenever you start a business, the first thing you should do is prepare your exit plan.”

The advice? Don’t let your business swallow you whole. Have an exit plan and don’t be afraid to use it.

Means of Communication

People will always be people. Plain and simple. Whether one generation prefers texting to another generation’s phone calls, we all like to speak to another person when it comes to possibly the biggest transaction of our lifetime.

Don’t discount certain methods of communication because studies say a certain generation prefers it. These are individual people we are dealing with here and stereotypes never did anything good for progressive success.

The advice? Challenge yourself to communicate to others in the way they prefer it, not the way you, or others, want them to.

Reputation & Brand

Businesses like The Cassina Group and Path & Post Real Estate have spent years defining their purpose, brand, and reputation in their respective communities.

Real estate offers a lot of opportunity to make plenty of money if you are good at the business, but these companies remember to always put the client first, not the money.

Our most successful clients usually find themselves chatting at the annual Unite conference about how to better serve their customers.

And it all starts with how you present yourself and the values your business imparts in the first place.

The advice? Learn to make a good impression both in person and online. You should be able to translate the value you provide through good service and good people.  

work life balance in real estate

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