Conversation-ready leads. It's about time.

Say goodbye to chasing cold leads and hello to closing more deals. BoomTown generates and qualifies your leads 24/7 in as little as 90 seconds and nurtures for up to one year. Less DIY, more ROI.

Conversion-ready leads.
It's about time.

Maximize Your ROI

Focus on growth and rest assured your lead generation investments are paying off. Our perfect mix of tools and services mean leads get the attention they need, agents work only active buyers and sellers, conversions accelerate, and no opportunity escapes.

Leverage Real Experts to Work Your Leads

Acting as an extension of your team, we contact new leads 24/7, within 90 seconds. Real people qualify and nurture every lead for up to 365 days from registration, so agents can get back to closing deals.

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Hit the Ground Running

Growth comes from strong lead gen and processes for conversion, but it can be a struggle for agents to respond to new leads, and for you to hold your team accountable. So, we’re here to do the heavy lifting. Offload the qualifying and see success sooner.

“In just ninety days we’ve generated three deals worth $725,000 in pipeline and the program has already paid for itself.”

Joe Garafolo

Joe Garafolo

Waterfront Realty Group

“Success Assurance has contributed $2.5 million to my pipeline. I am actively working 6 leads that were generated by BoomTown and qualified by RealContact, several of which I spoke to for the first time at the appointments set by this service. There’s no way I would have been able to call or follow up with any of these leads in the amount of time that BoomTown did.”

Brandon Hobbs

Brandon Hobbs

The Brandon Hobbs Group

"I started using it last month. Put a deal under contract last week from them qualifying the lead! I am loving it so far really took a lot of work off my plate. I also have a listing appt I am going on from it."

Matthieu Smith

Matthieu Smith

Tucson Real Estate Group

"It took a lot of trust, but the results have been monumental. Not only did conversion rates double, but I don’t have to worry that things are slipping through the cracks, or that we have to manage it all."

Doug Gieck

Doug Gieck

8z Real Estate

Serve Up Conversation-Ready Leads

Let your team focus on active buyers and sellers and accelerate their time converting leads to an active pipeline of opportunities.

Stay Involved

Agents can monitor conversations in real time through our mobile app and jump in at any point.

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