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Matt Delhougne // RE/MAX Vision

Taking technology and improving his lead management.

St. Louis, MO

25 agents

From Knocking Down Doors as a Police Officer to Knocking On Doors as a Real Estate Agent.

Matt Delhougne is a Broker/Owner who resides with RE/MAX Vision. He manages the Delhougne Real Estate Team in St. Louis, Missouri. Currently, his team is ranked 99 on the Real Trends 2017 Thousand list (by transactions sides). If there’s anyone who knows how to close more deals, it’s Matt and his team. Here’s his story …


The Challenge to Success

As a previous police officer, Matt has never had a shortage of hard encounters and difficult tasks. When he transitioned to real estate, he thought the job would get easier. But that perception was quickly broken.

“Everyone gets into real estate and thinks, ‘Oh, the time is mine. I’ll do what I want when I want.’ But you soon realize you do what your clients want when they want it. The problem is they don’t know when they want it and they call you at all crazy amounts of times ... but you have to go,” says Matt.

With the chaotic schedules of his clients, Matt had to learn to do two things: Manage his time and scale it up. Scaling became a pillar to earning more money, to earning more business. Early on in his days, he thought joining a brokerage was a golden ticket to success. He had the tools. He had the processes. But at the end of the day, it was up to him, and him only. He couldn’t wait for opportunities to come knocking. He had to go out and knock on the doors himself (just as a real estate agent this time).

The Solution

Managing your time, generating more leads, having a sales process in place -- they all contribute to closing more deals, but they can only carry your business so far. Of course, you can hire team members, but then overhead costs come into play. For Matt, the solution was software technology -- specifically, BoomTown.

If you’re trying to scale your business, you can only do it with tech. We’re growing 25-40% year-after-year and you can't do that unless you have the systems and technology behind you.

BoomTown became the tool to help Matt manage his business more efficiently. Time is money in real estate, and everyone knows the tasks with the highest ROI are in the field. It doesn’t mean you can ignore the other tasks, but you can certainly automate it.

The Biggest Way BoomTown Has Helped

When asked about the most integral feature to BoomTown's platform (for his business), Matt answered with “Best-fit leads.”

“It’s so easy to look in the system, search a zip code, and let BoomTown spit out possible leads that match your criteria. It even ranks those leads by who is most likely going to take action. It essentially doubles the odds you’ll have a positive result.”

When you have a database of 27,000 leads, it’s important to have a system to manage them. With BoomTown, Matt credits the system to sifting dirt for gold. Agents are not manually having to drill into each and every lead. BoomTown is automating it for them, cutting time and leaving staff members to focus on money-making tasks.

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