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Path & Post Real Estate

Becky Babcock & Brad Nix choose BoomTown as the vehicle for growth in their bustling independent brokerage.

Woodstock, Georgia

15+ Agents

Path & Post Real Estate's mission is to focus on transitions rather than real estate transactions.

Co-Owners Becky Babcock and Brad Nix swear by their team's ability to follow the path of innovation when it benefits both their agents and clientele. And boy has it paid off.

For the past 4 years BoomTown helped to ferry Path & Post to the top of their national franchise, and then transition to an equally successful independent franchise. BoomTown's processes bridge the gaps of everyday tasks in order for Path & Post agents to focus on what they do best, the customer journey.

Path & Post's Take on Transitions Over Transactions:

"We found independent companies like BoomTown are more innovative and nimble to respond to market changes, to consider input, and to improve the product and the user interface." Becky Babcock, Path & Post CEO

Exceed Customer Expectations and Reach Tangible Results

Path & Post largely focuses each conversation with their clients around one question: "Why are you making a move?" This question brings them back every time to the customer's transition at this point in their life.

BoomTown enables this mission through the predictive CRM and personalized follow-up nurture paths. These systems allow Path & Post to create processes customized to each customer experience.

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Support Your Team with a Scaleable System

Path & Post already knew how to breath life into a brand and make it succeed. BoomTown only supported their goals through measured steps to create lasting processes. This enables Path & Post to continuously scale their business how they see fit.

How to Measure Your Growth:

"I know a lot of expansion teams and brands are growing wide. I would say, we are trying to grow deep. And the difference being we are a client-centric business model," said Brad Nix, Path & Post COO

Maintain Ownership of Your Brand and Favorite Integrations

Brand is of utmost importance to Path & Post. Becky and Brad spent months establishing the specifics and years defining, then redefining what it means to their team. Learn more about this process here.

Similarly, the way they do business in respect to their brand is just as important. Tools such as Brokermint help them to maintain and exceed customer expectations. So when they need to integrate a favorite tool, BoomTown is ready to listen and adapt.

“On competitors: "I think if the tools are comparable, the option to go where you have the freedom and opportunity to innovate is more important, for us, this is BoomTown." ”

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