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Relationship building made easy with the right system

Orlando, FL

“How Will I Stay Relevant?” Every Business Owner’s Most Dreaded Question

Motivated by a love for helping people and a desire to for a career that challenged her without limiting her, Veronica Figueroa got into Real Estate to build something special. Her most valuable lesson came early: market shifts mean opportunity, if you know how to pivot.

"If you cannot change and adapt to where this industry is going, you will be left behind. The way I've been able to stay relevant was when I felt a shift, I adapted to it. I found out what top producers across the nation were doing, and I mirrored it."

Want to stay relevant? Play the long game

Like so many teams, however, their focus was misguided: The now buyers. Instant gratification. An immediate launch to the top.

“The people who were starting their search 12-18 months out are going to be the bread and butter. You’re building something, and you have to nurture it. Fortune is in the follow up.”

The team had a strategic partner to help shorten the long game learning curve: BoomTown. Their Success Manager shared the nurture strategies other successful teams were using, and the Figueroa Team dug into the database and centralized their marketing efforts.

Aligning the business around a central hub

They set To-Dos to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks, and doubled down on their email marketing. They reached different segments of their database in a matter of minutes, with proven, templated email campaigns. Relationship building became easy.


“Jodi Martin, a buyer’s agent on the Figueroa team, could now easily (and automatically) maintain relationships with leads. Even over 365+ days”

  1. A new lead comes in and Jodi is notified to make a call.
  2. 3 days later an auto-email invites the lead to set up e-Alerts for relevant property recommendations.
  3. reminders tell Jodi to send a follow-up message.
  4. If 50 days have passed, the lead is moved to a new email category and campaign, and the process continues.

Hello, success

The team’s business was intentional and organized. Their days were purpose-driven. The results? Incredible. A smart online strategy + a forward-thinking team = a business that cannot be stopped. And one that no longer worries about staying relevant in a changing market

“Looking to grow & be intentional? Ready to systemize success? This is for you.”

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