It's All About The Listings. Seller Leads Suite.


As the market continues to shift to a seller’s market and listings are more difficult to find, we know that you and your agents need seller lead generation and management tools. We’re proud to bring you a full suite of powerful, NEW seller-focused tools, fully integrated with your BoomTown website and CRM system. Start seamlessly capturing and cultivating seller leads today!


1. Seller Lead Generation Features

$250/mo. see pricing details below

Leads are Generated

BoomTown’s AdWords Certified, Search Engine Marketing experts will manage campaigns to drive traffic to your Home Valuation Estimator

The Home Valuation Estimator entices seller leads and captures their information:
  • Capture all seller leads, regardless of whether a visitor provides their contact information, the lead is captured if only an address is provided.
  • The lead’s information and property details are instantly added to your CRM

The Home Valuation Estimator educates and intrigues seller leads by:
  • Instantly generating their home’s approximate value
  • Showing recently listed, under contract, and sold homes nearby
  • Providing a clear summary of the market in their area.

2. Seller Lead Management Tools

  • Manage Seller Leads within Lead Central
  • Agent Accountability Dashboard provides insights on follow-up activities and performance.
  • Traffic Dashboard reflects Seller Lead traffic
  • Manually enter Seller Leads to manage in your pipeline.
  • Seller Leads can be assigned to the Agent of your choosing (i.e. Listing Specialist)

3. Seller Lead Outreach

  • Target Seller Leads with Smart-Drip Email from the Sharing Library.
  • Engage address-only leads with direct mail campaigns, personal follow-up or other offline activites.


Get Started


video demo

Here’s a quick overview of where to find each new feature in your BoomTown CRM and how the NEW Home Valuation Estimator will work.


Take the new Home Valuation Estimator for a test drive.

In the address bar, type 52 Legare St, Charleston, SC 29401 or any Charleston, SC address to generate a sample Home Valuation Report.

User: boomers | Password: sellerleads

6 Things To Know


Can I move money from my Buyers AdWords Budget to Sellers AdWords Budget?

Contact your success manager for more detailed information.


Can I choose a separate billing method for my Seller Lead AdWords campaign?

Google does not allow multiple cards on file for automatic billing, so for now the Buyer and Seller campaigns will all be billed to one card. If you have an affiliate that is currently paying for your Buyer campaign within AdWords, please contact our Billing team to see if your billing arrangement can be changed in order to accommodate the addition of a Seller campaign.


Can I choose specific areas to target with my Seller Lead AdWords campaign?

Yes, we encourage you to choose a target area by city or zip code. Contact your Success Manager for more details.


What is the URL for my home valuation estimator?

Your URL will be


Does the Home Valuation Estimator pull data for Canada?

Not at this time. We are currently evaluating data providers/options in Canada.


What is an address-only lead?

An address-only lead is created when a visitor navigates to your home valuation page and types in the property address but does not provide their email and phone. The address is captured and saved into the database as an address-only record.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us or your Success Manager.