Efficiency & productivity

In a predictive, yet mobile CRM

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How the Predictive CRM works
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Organize your time & tasks

We track every action a lead takes on your site & empower your agents with insights they can act on. Your team has all the tools—accessible anywhere—to predict, accelerate, and act on opportunities. We also track each call, conversation, and interaction so you can create a culture of accountability within your team.

Predictive Real Estate CRM

Marketing that works for you

You have more productive ways to spend your time, so our automated email campaigns build prospect interest and nurture leads with personal drip campaigns that are easy to create & manage. Need some ideas? The Sharing Library holds winning email scripts and sample campaigns from other BoomTown brokers.

Smart Drip
Template Text

Template Text

Efficiently email your database and keep them engaged with personalized messages

Automated Email Campaigns


Targeted email campaigns that send on your behalf, saving you time



Behavior based templates allow you to create emails with just a few qualifying questions

Hot Sheet

A compelling, visual hot sheet

See new listings, status changes and price updated from your MLS right in the CRM, so you can match hot listings to home buyers without sorting through your database.

Property Activity

Property Activity

Keep tabs on price and favorites



See only the regions you're focused on

Lead Activity

Lead Activity

See which leads are interested and the best match

“The year before we had BoomTown we did 82 transactions, the first year with BoomTown we did 242... I would say it's been pretty impactful on our business."

Kyle WhisselWhissel Realty

Work your pipeline - anywhere

Access all the tools and resources you and your agents need to convert prospects and conduct business wherever you are. Check to-dos, see top opportunities, and respond immediately. It's all about your speed to lead.

Mobile CRM

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Predictive insights keep you productive

Don’t know the next step? We do. We’ll tell you exactly where to focus, who’s hot right now and when to reach out. Tag your prospects with custom categories, segment your database based on price point, category, you-name-it, and mass email or send individual texts right from the CRM. We’ve made it easy to target your prospects in smart ways- and get better results.

Live Feed

Live Feed

See activity in real time as it happens

Acted On

Acted On

See which leads have been served and who's un-touched

Always Present

Always Present

Pinned on every page keeping you on the pulse of your business

BoomTown NOW

Manage buyers & sellers right in the CRM

Useful insight into buyer and seller interests and behavior lets your team send the most relevant information and targeted alerts. Prospects stay engaged and informed — ready to take action when their dream home comes on the market, or when it’s time to list their home.

Manage Buyers and Sellers

Instantly Match Leads to the Right Agents and Listings

Automatically route leads to the perfect agent based on property location, if they’re buying or selling, the lead’s source, a specific listing address, or a custom attribute. Leads can even be routed to a pool of agents via the NOW app with push notifications to claim and contact.

Match leads to the right listings too. Instantly generate a list of matches for a property and a fit score for each that ranks their likeliness to transact.

Best Fit Leads

Insight into your Team or Brokerage

Our handy dashboards report lead gen and conversion rates - as well as progress and response rates. This gives you the ability to focus on what you do best.

Accountability insights into:
New Leads and Stage

New Leads & Stage

See who's new and where they are in the buying process.

Time to First Call

Time to First Call

How long it took for that first ring.

Time to First Email

Time to First Email

How long it took for the first message.

Agent Activity

Agent Activity

Look when your agents last logged in.

Untouched Leads

Untouched Leads

See who needs follow-up with.

Call Accountability

Call Accountability

Detailed call tracking & analytics.

Lender Accountability

Lender Accountability

Detailed follow-up tracking & analytics.

Email Accountability

Email Accountability

Detailed e-mail tracking & analytics.

Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Dashboard

See how your leads are driven to your site.

Full Feature List

Lead ManagementThe entire lifecycle of your clients is tracked and managed.

Lead RoutingSend leads to other agents based on your team's structure.

Log Calls & NotesKeep track of exactly what you talked about.

TextingSend clients messages right from our CRM.

Lender AccessAllows you to partner with a lender and keep them up to date.

Lead IntegrationWith 40+ sources from Zillow, trulia and Realtor.com.

Marketing AutomationNurture your leads from clicks to close.

Automated EmailsWe remember for you so you don't have.

Auto ResponseSet it and forget it.

Drip SystemLead the way with template text & conditional replies.

Property AlertsAutomatic emails sent to your clients when statuses change.

Predictive IntelligenceOur software helps you understand who to talk to and when.

Single Sign-OnOne login for your entire web presence.

Email TemplatesCompose emails quickly.

MLS HotSheetSee large photos, new listings, status changes & updated pricepoints.

Lead ScoringSee which leads are the best fit for a property.

Listing AnalyticsSee how many times your properties have been viewed & favorited.

Performance DashboardsSee how your business is performing at a glance.

Task SchedulingKeep track of all your needs in one place.

Accountability DashboardsCheck your teams progress and response rates.

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