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The key to expanding your real estate business is growing your team. See a Demo

You’re doing great. But how do you do better?

No matter the stage of your business, there is always a point when you need to scale in order to thrive.

Grow Your Team

Strategically grow your team

Delegate Roles

Delegate tasks to specialized roles

Increase Business

Increase your business while focusing on what you do best.

Start with a CRM Built for Growth

Team structures come in many shapes and sizes. BoomTown’s CRM makes it easy for you to streamline the process while managing a growing team.

BoomTown CRM
Multi-Agent Lead Assignment

Multi-Agent Lead Assignment

Is your buyer lead also looking to sell their home? Assign them to two specialized roles. Now your buyer and seller specialists can collaborate to provide a seamless transition from one home to the next.


Use company tags to create a sales pipeline from your database. Individual agents can also create personalized tags for more actionable prospecting.


Action plans

Predetermined to-do lists help automate your lead follow-up process. Create your own or browse the BoomTown sharing library for an action plan complete with emails, to-dos, and follow-up tasks. Use these plans to keep your clients informed, engaged, and happy throughout the entire process.

Action Plans
Accountability Dashboard

Accountability Dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire business in order to hold your whole team accountable. The dashboard’s real-time reporting allows you to track your team’s progress to align your goals and stay on the same page.

New Leads and Stage

New Leads & Stage

See who's new and where they are in the buying process.

Time To First Call

Time to First Call

How long it took for that first ring.

Time To First Email

Time to First Email

How long it took for the first message.

Agent Activity

Agent Activity

Look when your agents last logged in.

Untouched Leads

Untouched Leads

See who needs follow-up with.

Call Accountability

Call Accountability

Detailed call tracking & analytics.

Lender Accountability

Lender Accountability

Detailed follow-up tracking & analytics.

Email Accountability

Email Accountability

Detailed e-mail tracking & analytics.

Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Dashboard

See how your leads are driven to your site.

What our clients say:

"The year before we had BoomTown we did 82 transactions, the first year with BoomTown we did 242... I would say it's been pretty impactful on our business."

Kyle Whissel Kyle Whissel Whissel Realty
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