Seller Leads

It’s All About Listings.

Land them with Seller Leads Suite.

Want more listings?

Find the people who have a home to sell, collect their information, and market to them continuously. Let’s take all that online in one solution, fully integrated with your BoomTown platform. It’s the perfect complement to your offline efforts and the perfect way to talk to more sellers and start listing more homes.

Drive better traffic with better ads

Be the go-to agent in your focus area

  • Location-based ad campaigns find the folks who want to sell in your target market.
  • Leads are served up hot to your Home Valuation landing page to gather contact details

Capture all their information

Start the conversation with the right intel

  • A home valuation landing page entices visitors with instant reports on their home’s value and a summary of the market area
  • Lead information and property details are instantly added to your CRM, even if they only submit an address

Manage leads with ease

Oversee all your lead activity right in the CRM

Dashboards make lead assignment and checking performance simple

Leads can be organized by property location

Reverse-lookups populate full contact information for address-only leads

Follow up the right way

Create conversations and appointments, not just traffic and leads

Email Drip Campaigns

Seller leads are targeted for you with automated drip campaigns to get them sales-ready and generate replies

RPR Integration

A quick click on a lead’s address creates a detailed CMA with direct links to Realtors Property Resource (RPR). Datasets on over 160 million properties are right at your fingertips

Address-Only Leads

Address-only leads are easily segmented for direct mail campaigns, personal follow-up or other offline activities

Dialer Integration

Import leads from outbound prospecting and export to mojo dialer to call more leads in less time

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