Time is money.
Are you making the most of it?

It’s time to talk numbers and priorities. In this quick assessment, we’ll ask you some questions about your business and build a report based on your input. See how you stack against similar businesses and make sure you’re optimized for every opportunity.

What do the numbers say about your business?

There’s a proven formula for success: prioritizing your time based on your most dollar-productive activities, leveraging the value of your database, and diversifying and growing your lead sources. So what do the numbers say about your business?

Time is Money

It’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind, but real results come from working on your business instead of in it. On average, BoomTown customers report that they are empowered to spend 50% more time on dollar-productive activities. When you shift your focus, the results speak for themselves.

Current time spent on
dollar-productive activities


Current GCI based
on your input


Potential increase in
dollar-productive time


This increase in dollar-productive
activities could result in a higher GCI of


Bank on your Database

Let’s get some real ROI from your SOI. This is your most valuable asset and you need to make sure you have the systems in place to deliver a return from every lead that goes in.

BoomTown APV


Your APV


Potential increase

$ M

The BoomTown Effect















Avg. Annual Production Volume (APV)

Avg. Database Size

Opportunity is Knocking. Are you Missing Out?

Don’t limit your pool of opportunity! On average, our customers have 4+ lead sources. See where you fit in:

Database Size 3rd Party Provider Referalls | Agent Generated Sphere Online Leads Avg Production Volume
1k or fewer 10% 5% 25% 60% $10,154,409
1k to 5k 20% 10% 30% 40% $19,393,599
5k to 10k 28% 7% 28% 37% $33,457,361
10k to 30k 32% 9% 27% 32% $45,207,991
30k to 50k 36% 12% 26% 26% $83,541,107
50k to 100k 41% 12% 22% 25% $122,578,604
More than 100k 39% 16% 28% 17% $296,197,457

Your Total Lead Sources
    Top Performing Lead Source

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