Success Assurance – Like a Real Person!

Sometimes, you just need a real person. That’s why BoomTown builds technology that actually empowers human interactions. And with Success Assurance, we have a team of experts to handle your lead response and nurture, so prospects get the conversations they crave. Let us extend that personal touch for your team, because you and your leadsContinue reading “Success Assurance – Like a Real Person!”

How Real Estate Agents Can Maximize Profitability in 2021

As we close in on the last few weeks of a whirlwind year, it’s time to look at the current housing market data, trends & predictions for 2021, and deep-dive into what matters most to agents as they kick off a new year. Join David Childers, Vice President of Content, Sales, & Marketing at KeepingContinue reading “How Real Estate Agents Can Maximize Profitability in 2021”

Why Your CRM Needs to Play Well With Others

No one tool can handle all of the functionality you need as a busy real estate agent. Which is why your CRM should be able to integrate with a variety of powerful tools while acting as the “central hub” or of your business. Check out BoomTown’s seamless integration network here! Discover What’s Possible with BoomTown!Continue reading “Why Your CRM Needs to Play Well With Others”