Spring Cleaning For Your Real Estate CRM

The warmer weather brings us out of winter hibernation, but our houses aren’t quite ready for us to host parties, and our yards aren’t presentable for outdoor cookouts. This is why we need Spring Cleaning! And not just for houses either! Maybe things got busy at the end of the year and our databases became aContinue reading “Spring Cleaning For Your Real Estate CRM”

A Tale of Two Salespeople: Real Estate Sales Success Secrets

Do you know your product better than anyone else in the industry?  Are you a master of boxing and closing?  Does your pencil pitch or demo just wow the prospect?  Do you have the best closing line anyone has ever heard?   The Most Important Question in Real Estate Sales The first sale you haveContinue reading “A Tale of Two Salespeople: Real Estate Sales Success Secrets”

BoomTown Releases New Home Search Feature!

We strive to provide the best home search experience for your clients, so you can help them find their dream home. But no matter how advanced our technology, you would have no idea if you were buying a home next to nightmare neighbors. Until now. We are thrilled to reveal the new home search feature! Now withContinue reading “BoomTown Releases New Home Search Feature!”

Do You Know the Growth Potential of Your Market?

Understanding your current market potential will make all the difference between sitting courtside in the middle of the action and watching the game from home. First you need to get a pulse on your current market. Since only after you comprehend the pulse of your market sphere can you sufficiently measure: 1. your impact, 2. yourContinue reading “Do You Know the Growth Potential of Your Market?”

Why Top Real Estate Teams are Texting

Someone is calling. You don’t know who it is. The number doesn’t look familiar. And you’re currently busy. So, you don’t answer it. Then you hear the beep … they left a voicemail. Now a thought runs through your head. Why didn’t they just text me? That way, I could answer on my own time.Continue reading “Why Top Real Estate Teams are Texting”

How to Free Up 36 Hours Using Email Smart Drips

The Problem In Real Estate The “cherry-picking” of leads has been a perennial issue within real estate. Particularly when things get busy, agents are prone to focus solely on the low-hanging “hot” leads. They neglect the rest of the leads in their pipeline that would have been converted had they continued nurturing them. But IContinue reading “How to Free Up 36 Hours Using Email Smart Drips”

What Does SEO Do For Your Real Estate Business?

If the answer to this question is a long pause, you aren’t alone. And in case you don’t exactly know what SEO or search engine optimization is, check out our video: here. Consider looking at your SEO strategy as building a house. First you have to build the house. Make sure it is sturdy, hasContinue reading “What Does SEO Do For Your Real Estate Business?”

Real Estate Digital Marketing in 2016

Have you ever thought your lead generation strategy could be better? You hear about other real estate teams seeing success with their tactics, but you’re not sure where you want to take yours. There’s the copy+paste route, where you could mimic them, but there’s an itch to try something new … to be the frontiersmanContinue reading “Real Estate Digital Marketing in 2016”

3 Effective Ways to Route Leads to Your Agents

It’s not enough to simply generate a ton of leads. What happens to them after they register on your site? If you don’t have a lead distribution model properly set up, the leads you’ve paid for may end up falling into an abyss. Here are 3 of the most effective lead routing methods that ourContinue reading “3 Effective Ways to Route Leads to Your Agents”

#1 Way to Beat Out Online Real Estate Competition

A couple is driving through their dream neighborhood looking at “For Sale” signs. They search for a cute house’s address online and browse available property details. Next, they enter an email address when they need to do so in order to gather more information. And then comes the “enter email” prompt. Quickly, they enter their emailContinue reading “#1 Way to Beat Out Online Real Estate Competition”