Expert Advice for Real Estate Marketing

Navigating the real estate marketing frontier in 2015 (and beyond) is weighing heavy on a lot of folks as key factors in the industry are in a state of disruption, consolidation, and fast change.  Many of the industry’s visionaries will gather in San Francisco this week for Inman Connect to discover, debate, and discuss theContinue reading “Expert Advice for Real Estate Marketing”

3 Lessons in Real Estate Lead Generation from the World Cup

The U.S. soccer team has taken us through an emotional roller coaster these past few World Cup games.  But despite how emotionally taxing this experience has been (especially Sunday’s game against Portugal–still in shock here), there’s a lot of wisdom that we in real estate can glean from these dedicated athletes.  There’s a ton ofContinue reading “3 Lessons in Real Estate Lead Generation from the World Cup”

BoomTown Now Fueling Carrington Real Estate’s Digital Marketing Strategy

We are thrilled that Carrington Real Estate Services, a national full-service residential brokerage firm licensed in 22 states, chose BoomTown to provide our innovative products and digital marketing services to power the new Carrington Digital Network.

How Inbound Marketing Creates People, Not Leads

inbound marketing content strategy

Inbound marketing helps to earn a customer, a person.  It does not trick a lead into giving up their personal information so you may interrupt them five times a day. 

Remarkable content is the keystone of successful Inbound Marketing. Remarkable content earns customers.

Consider that…

How To Leverage The Super Bowl For Your Real Estate Business

Super Bowl Sunday: Real Estate Kick-Off Hut hut hut!  Super Bowl weekend is finally here!  For most people, Super Bowl Sunday means screaming at the TV screen with friends and family, while eating yummy finger foods (aka everything buffalo flavored), and drinking lots of beer.  For real estate agents, the Super Bowl means something else.Continue reading “How To Leverage The Super Bowl For Your Real Estate Business”

Why Digital Marketing Fails For The Real Estate Industry

According to the Borrell Associates report ‘2013 Real Estate Outlook’, real estate advertising as a whole is projected to grow by 9.7% overall to $27.2B, while the online/digital category is projected to grow by 16.9% in 2013 to reach $15B in spend. This makes the real estate industry the number one spender in the online advertisingContinue reading “Why Digital Marketing Fails For The Real Estate Industry”

Expanding Your Digital Audience [Infographic]

We know growing your digital audience is always top of mind. While creating relevant and fresh content is certainly important, sometimes there's a little more to it than that. The marketing gurus at Pardot shared an infographic that highlights the results of some extensive research on the matter. ExactTarget surveyed 400 people on how theyContinue reading “Expanding Your Digital Audience [Infographic]”

Rock Social Media in 2014 (In 30 Minutes A Day!)

At BoomTown, we're always about working smarter, not harder, and we found a guide that can get you a winning social media strategy for 2014 in just thirty minutes a day. The folks at Pardot put together the following infographic to help you determine which tasks are most important, and how much time you should dedicate to each social media channel. Of course you should tailor this to fit your own ideal channels and goals, but here's a look at a very effective approach: 

Build A Lead Generation Strategy for 2014 (and Beyond!)

diversify your lead generationChristmas time is upon us and kids everywhere have made their lists (and probably checked them twice). When you ask a child what they want for Christmas they usually rattle off about 20 gifts from what is often a remarkably strategic list. Children are smart. They’ve figured out that the more presents they have on their list the less risk there is of getting a gift they do not want (aka socks!). It’s a well-diversified portfolio, if you will, and the return on their investment is typically pretty good. 

This is the same mentality you need to have with lead sources!

If the question “what would I do if my main source of leads suddenly stopped producing?” makes you panic, then it’s time to start looking at other sources to help you generate leads.

Pinterest for Real Estate: New Place Pins Highlight “Location, Location, Location”

Two weeks ago, Pinterest rolled out Place Pins, enabling users to map the locations of items they share on their boards. While creating these location-based boards is obviously a huge win for those using the social site as a marketing tool for the travel industry, this is also a great tool for Real Estate Agents using pinterest to grow their real estate business. With Place Pins, you can:

  • Create an interactive map on your board
  • Get more from your Pins with extra details like the address and phone number (so folks can look up directions to places right from your Pins!)
  • Find and collect places whenever, wherever. Clients (and prospective clients) can take your Pins with them as they navigate the streets of a new city or stroll through a park in their target neighborhood.

The feature is available for all new boards and can be added retroactively to current boards! Alrighty, let’s get started incorporating Place Pins into your real estate marketing strategy: