What do Buyers & Sellers Really Want?

Hear It Direct is the only real estate conference where Agents hear directly from the people who matter the most: Buyers and Sellers. Hear It Direct is a series of full-day Real Estate Consumer Conferences held in different local markets throughout the country. Created by nationally-recognized real estate experts, the event presents a unique opportunity forContinue reading “What do Buyers & Sellers Really Want?”

3, 2, 1, ACTION! Tips + Tricks for Real Estate Video

It's easy to feel inundated by technology and social media on a daily basis. From Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to Pinterest and Blogging, where do you start and what makes sense for your business?

Focus only on what you can handle rather than doing a little bit on each platform without making an impact. Video is a great way to increase your SEO and will be a time saver once you’ve created a few basic videos to have on hand.

84% of Real Estate Professionals Use Social Media [Infographic]

84%! Pretty high number isn’t it. Social media will not make or break your real estate career, but it can certainly enhance it if used correctly. What do I mean by “used correctly?” Well, social media can either become a huge unproductive time suck or it can be another tool in your arsenal.

We can all agree that social media gets all the attention. Social media has a lot of potential for your business, it is also really easy to become distracted. You can also turn off prospective clients too.

People are using social media to see what friends are doing, network and for timely updates, not to hear your sales pitch. With this in mind, tailor your social media strategy around this. Be social, not salesy.

Quick ideas on how to use social media effectively – create a brand account, share recent blog posts and website articles, connect with expiring contracts, share listings, market updates, funny stories, local events and information, restaurant and business reviews, network and make new friends.

Content Marketing is More than just a Blog Post

By now you’ve probably heard the phrase “content marketing” and realize it has importance. Ongoing content marketing is crucial to a healthy online strategy. Solid content will funnel new visitors, keep them on your website longer and make them happy. New, happy visitors means more opportunities to convert those visitors to leads and sales. DidContinue reading “Content Marketing is More than just a Blog Post”

Take Your Pinning Off The Wall

The latest sensation on the social media scene is Pinterest, a self-proclaimed “online pinboard” where you can “organize and share things you love.” But, if you ask me, it is so much more than that! If you are strictly looking at the numbers, in May 2011 Pinterest saw 50,000 unique visitors. Fast-forward to February 2012 and Pinterest is seeing 11,000,000 unique visitors, making it the fastest growing website EVER. Pinterest has more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.

The Key to Search Engine Optimization is Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Check out the Infographic that our friends at Brafton News recently created. Content is definitely still King in SEO! ‘Become an authority in your niche and start writing unique content or invest in content creation with a qualified SEO writer. If you have the capacity to write content in-house, then great! Get on a contentContinue reading “The Key to Search Engine Optimization is Content [INFOGRAPHIC]”

What do Real Estate Agents earning $100K+ spend their time and money on?

At this year’s Real Estate Connect, conference emcees Katie Lance and Chris Smith from Inman News revealed key findings from a recent study on what agents earning $100K+ want, how they work and what they spend their time and money on. Where are the agents of tomorrow generating the most income? The Top 5 1.Continue reading “What do Real Estate Agents earning $100K+ spend their time and money on?”

Why You Need To Get on Google+ Now!

By now you’ve probably heard of Google+. If you haven’t, its Google’s new social network that came out last year. G+ is growing by leaps and bounds, nearly doubling its user base every few months and is now up to 90 million users! Yes, not quite Facebook numbers yet, but its projected to have 400Continue reading “Why You Need To Get on Google+ Now!”

Making a Facebook Page Effective for Your Business

By now you’ve probably heard about this little thing called Facebook. More and more companies are turning to Facebook (and social media in general) to generate brand awareness and increase their customer base. The real estate industry has jumped on board as well, but too frequently real estate agents are diving in head first withoutContinue reading “Making a Facebook Page Effective for Your Business”