What Makes BoomTown Better: Success Management for Improved Lead Generation And Conversion

Imagine that you’ve just been dropped deep into a dense jungle maze with no map and no sense of direction, and you were told to navigate back to civilization by yourself.  Pretty overwhelming, no?  How do you know where to go?  How do you survive? 

Suddenly, an experienced guide appears, who knows the area like the back of their hand.  They have already guided many others out of the jungle and back to civilization.  Wouldn’t you feel more at ease, knowing you’re with someone who has done this many times before?

When you first start with a piece of powerful technology like BoomTown, knowing where to start and navigating it toward success may seem as overwhelming as navigating a wild jungle.  What do you focus on first?  What should your priority be?  BoomTown's Success Managers are the experienced guides who boost your confidence and chase away all fear.  Success Managers are the ones with the roadmaps to…well, success.

The #1 Way to Bring Leads Back to Your Site

With all the marketing options that are available to real estate agents today, it's easy to be overwhelmed, but you might be missing out on the number ONE way to bring leads back to your site!  Did I mention that with most CRMs it’s free and easy?

All in Your Head: 5 Psychological Triggers that Drive Lead Conversion

5 psychological triggersFocus on the human connection to make your marketing more successful and client-centric! Stepping out of the digital realm and into the human psyche can help determine what basic triggers influence human behavior (hey, we're only human…). Use these to effectively target your marketing efforts and generate more conversions. The folks at Pardot keep rolling out great information, and their infographic below explains 5 common psychological triggers to use in your marketing. 

Tips and Tricks to Obtain and Maintain Listings Using BoomTown!

Tips and TricksWe know you need tools to tackle any market! As the shift to a seller’s market continues, we’ve developed ways to help BoomTown teams not only obtain listings, but maintain them as well. We addressed two essential needs:
1. A tool for agents to use when completing a listing presentation that leverages the power of all the leads in the system.
2. A way to quickly give the owner of the property quick and accurate information about the online activity of the listing.

Cue: BoomTown's Best-Fit Leads and Listings Manager tools! These tools allow brokers and agents to focus on their seller clients and maximize their time by identifying targeted buyers to market their listings to.
Here are some tips and tricks:

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

You’ve heard the phrase “there are too many cooks in the kitchen” but visit any high volume restaurant and what do you see?  A lot of freakin cooks in the kitchen! Have you ever wondered how so many cooks are accomplishing so much in such a tiny area? It’s because they have a strong leaderContinue reading “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen”

Give your clients some love!

With emails and text messages driving our day to day conversation, customer service is even that much more important. Home buyers have tons of information at their fingertips with Internet search capabilities. Your team’s customer service has to go above and beyond the norm to capture someone’s attention and win them over as a client.Continue reading “Give your clients some love!”

Simplify Your Lead Nurturing: BoomTown’s Opportunity Wall Serves up Top Leads with Just One Click

There is never a dull moment with showings, closings, and hundreds of leads at every point of the buying process (oh, my!). It can feel like a job in itself just to determine where to focus your time and energy. Cue BoomTown’s new Opportunity Wall. The latest and greatest asset to the Leads Management System,Continue reading “Simplify Your Lead Nurturing: BoomTown’s Opportunity Wall Serves up Top Leads with Just One Click”

Tackling the Subject of Subject Lines [Infographic]

Oh, the pressure of crafting a subject line that drives the recipient to open the email. As we all know, if your emails don’t get read, you miss key opportunities, and if you miss key opportunities, you limit your success. So, how do you fill in that blank to get your email read? Sifting through the often conflicting advice on creating a subject line, our friends at Litmus devised the following infographic to guide you to subject line success.