BoomTown Success Managers Share Tips for a BOOMing Business

Some of your BoomTown Success Managers had the opportunity to attend Bob Corcoran’s Buyer Agent BootCamp and gain some great insights to help our clients create a BOOMing business in 2014 and beyond! Bob knows just how to get you to be #1 and stay #1, and here are even more tips from our trip thisContinue reading “BoomTown Success Managers Share Tips for a BOOMing Business”

Pick up the Phone! Tips and Tricks for Successful Team Call Nights

It's common knowledge in Real Estate that follow-up is crucial, persistence is key-I could go on and on. The trouble is getting caught in the whirlwind and not carving out time to consistently reach out and contact your leads. A great way to remedy this, and to add some fun and camaraderie to your officeContinue reading “Pick up the Phone! Tips and Tricks for Successful Team Call Nights”

Keeping Your Culture Front and Center: Hire, Fire, Be Wire(d) by It

In my last post I covered the importance of culture and how to define it for your business. In this post we'll discuss hiring for it, firing for it and making it a part of your everyday decisions at work.

Hire by It
Once you've identified your core values, you'll want to hire associates who share those values, so make culture a part of your interview process.  It's often said, “hire for passion first, skills second.” The same can be true for values. At BoomTown we look for values first, then ensure the candidate is a skills match. Here are some tips that have helped us build a wildly passionate and cohesive team at BoomTown:

Utilizing Culture to Attract and Retain Top Real Estate Agents for Free!

As more and more real estate teams are embracing online lead generation, your market share isn't the only thing that is getting competitive these days. The hiring market is too! You might already be recruiting through signing bonuses, coaching opportunities and innovative tools, but what do you do when the brokerage next door is doing the same thing? What if I told you there was something only your team could have and that it would lead to not only attracting top talent, but retaining it too? Oh, and it's free.

…Interested? I thought so

Well I'm talking about culture, people! Before you roll your eyes and say “yeah, yeah, we do team happy hours all the time and so does every other team in my town,” listen up! (Because I guarantee your competition thinks that's all there is to culture and this is where you gain an opportunity.)

Refocusing with the Business Model Canvas at RETSO

Each Spring several BoomTown team members hit the road for Atlanta to attend the annual RETSO conference.  It has always been an event filled with great technology, actionable strategies and talented “doers.”  We bring back quality takeaways for our clients each year.  This year the focus of the event shifted from tech tactics to comprehensive business planning.Continue reading “Refocusing with the Business Model Canvas at RETSO”

Hear It Direct – A Realtor’s Perspective

Hear It Direct is not your typical Realtor® conference. In case you've not heard, Hear It Direct, which was co-created by BoomTown client Sue Adler, offers an opportunity for Realtors to gather together to learn directly from buyers and sellers. Over the course of one day, Realtors learn what past and future buyers and sellersContinue reading “Hear It Direct – A Realtor’s Perspective”

A Life Lesson Worth Sharing

Last week life threw a little challenge at me. Monday morning I fired up my truck to leave for work and noticed a river underneath my truck. A gas line had busted. As I conjured why this happened, I looked back through my “reflective goggles.” As a kid, my father always told me I was good at reflecting on a situation and I'm trying to do more of that in my “old age.” I think life taught me a lesson, the point of the lesson was to share it. 

My truck, is a giant. It weighs close to 6,000lbs. The part that malfunctioned is about as long as my fore-arm, and as skinny as a straw (for comparison sake). The main fuel supply for the entire truck runs through this tube. The hole, that was punctured and caused a massive leak, was no bigger than the thickness of a coin and was no wider than the width of a dime. This tiny hole, turned a 6,000lb tank into the largest paperweight I've ever acquired in my life.

This is where, the “lesson” I learned in life comes in to play –

Successful Public Speaking: Credibility is Key

Picture this:  You’re on a large stage with lights blinding towards you.  Hundreds of audience members are there to enjoy your presentation.  If you’re like most people then this image immediately strikes fear.  As much as 75% of people have a fear of public speaking, known as Glossophobia.  This condition isn’t just reserved for peopleContinue reading “Successful Public Speaking: Credibility is Key”

Our BoomBassadors, Fostering Culture And Core Values

We've seen a great amount of growth in the past few years at BoomTown, going from about 20 employees at the end of 2010 to over 50 today!  Part of attracting the best and brightest talent in the area is the unique and fun culture of this company.

BoomTown is protective of its culture and makes it a priority to keep it intact.  For many companies it can get lost when going through huge growth spurts.  So last year the BoomBassadors group was formed to help continuously foster our culture and core values as we grow.  As the name implies, each BoomBassador should serve as an ambassador for the company through the group’s mission: To strive to bring enthusiasm to the workplace, foster the spirit of volunteerism, and enable all employees to reach their potential.

BoomTown Core Value #4 – Spread Laughter and Have Fun

Last month we announced our 2012 Q1 Net Promoter Score. Up 8% from our 2011 year-end score, we scored an 82, which places us 36 percentage points above the 2012 computer software average of 46. To thank our clients for responding to our Survey, we entered them in a drawing to win an iPad fromContinue reading “BoomTown Core Value #4 – Spread Laughter and Have Fun”